tumeric root harvest with camera (c) Jakob Owens


Chef’s Table

“The flower is the moment that we live – the most beautiful moment of the circle.”
– Alex Atala: Vol 2

“All year long plants grow by the energy of nature, the universe, the earth and human labour. It’s man’s greed that wants them to grow faster and bigger and prettier.”
– Jeong Kwan: Vol 3

“In the south we’ve lost the seeds, the plants, the stories. And when we lose these plants, when we lose these breeds, we lose multiple generations of wisdom.”
– Sean Brook: Vol 6

I love food and there are some chefs that really connect with the produce that they use and our relationship with nature. The above quotes are from some of my favourites.


“Each family have their own beat and rhythm that is passed on. If their dads didn’t teach their sons how to make a drum and play it, then how would people know when to dance?”

This film follows a family travelling the globe and tells a story through the eyes of a small boy. It’s a poetic trip that reminds us how diverse and beautiful all cultures are.

Inhabit – a permaculture perspective
www.filmsforaction.org/watch/inhabit/ (£4 to rent)

“What could it be like if humans could help make this place sing with life?” (Lisa Fernandes)

This is a great collection of real-life stories from people using permaculture in neighbourhoods, rooftops, home gardens and farms.

The Magic Pill

“I think a lot of industrial agriculture thinking is that the earth is a reluctant lover, whereas we view the earth as an abundant loving partner.” (Joel Salatin)

This documentary is what first opened my eyes to how weird our agricultural system is and my journey into wanting to understand it. Around 1.07 hours in there’s a great explanation.